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Crewing Lumpsum
Personnel costs can vary substantially. For ship owners looking to increase the element of fixed costs in their budget, this can prove a real problem, which is why Döhle Shipmanagement Limited have developed the ‘lumpsum’ package.

For a fixed price, we assume the direct responsibility and financial risks for most manning expenses which are contractually agreed with the client. Döhle Shipmanagement Limited lumpsum approach provides a distinct advantage to owners.

The seamen concerned remain in our employment so, while they are put at the total disposal of the owner they remain our responsibility.

The performance of all personnel is guaranteed and should they prove unsuitable, seamen are exchanged at no extra cost to the owner.

Our lumpsum quotation covers the following items and is guaranteed for a minimum of twelve months from the initial contract date:

  • Basic wages – officers and crew based on agreed compliment & wagescales.
  • Officers’ overtime
  • Fixed monthly overtime hours per rating
  • Leave pay – officers and ratings
  • Sick leave
  • Recruiting expenses
  • Flights and other travelling/crew change expenses
  • Working clothing
  • Crew accident insurance for death and permanent or partial disability
  • Crew Risk P&I Insurance cover for the total ship’s complement, including deductibles
  • Supply of cash to master
  • Crew communication costs
  • Payroll charges
  • Port expenses relating to crew matters but excluding port agency and ship’s expenses
  • Deviation expenses of vessel on account of crew illness/accident
  • Miscellaneous crew expenses

A Döhle Shipmanagement Limited lumpsum package offers an inclusive package and takes the entire crewing “headache” away from the owners.

Crewing Costplus
For owners who are happy to take the risk of variable costs we can also offer cost plus solutions whilst utilising our crew resources and crew management expertise.
All costs are charged to the owner at cost with an agreed additional fixed charge to cover administration/management costs.

Marine Travel Services
The Döhle Travel Division handles travel procurement for internal and third party customers providing access through combined purchasing leverage to competitive marine and other fares.