of the Döhle Group

The parent company Peter Döhle was founded in 1956 by Peter Döhle as an Agent to Owners (“Vertrauensmakler”) to conduct commercial services to coaster vessels’ Owners including chartering, operation and accounting. The services were rendered mainly for those customers who were working on board of their own ships and demanding an agent ashore to look exclusively after their commercial affairs. In the beginning only break-bulk, bulk and forest products were shipped. However, already in the mid sixties the first smaller container feeder vessels were added in size of 40 TEU transshipping the first containers coming into Europe and Scandinavia.

This was the basis for a development which lead into today’s diversified fleet of about 450 vessels which are container vessels, bulk carriers, coasters and multi-purpose/heavy lift vessels. Additionally a number of associated companies offer their customers multiple services from all fields of the shipping industry. The fleet today composes out of own, part-owned and exclusively managed ships.